Monday, March 7, 2011

One of my major obsessions...

I'm fanatical about them. The last time I checked, I have almost 100 different sites bookmarked. Granted, they all don't update daily. Though I still shuffle through a good couple dozen each day, reading them.
Sometimes it feels like an addiction. Sadly there's no rehab for this.
There is a long list of why I love this medium. They're free, hilarious, and independent. Mostly. 
From time to time I will talk about some of my favorites; most you may have heard of, most you may not have. 
This week is brought to you by: Dr. McNinja.

The series is written and drawn by Christopher Hastings, and colored by Anthony Clark. When I say series, I mean a damn good ongoing one.
I was drawn in during my high school days, and still read it through college.
Is it confusing? Yes. I love that.
Is it ridiculous? Yes. I love that even more.
Amazingly they leave no plot holes, and introduce some of the most ridiculous characters and media commentary I've ever seen.
If you had to start reading somewhere, try the newest story arch: Found here.
Everything is pretty much explained as it goes along.
Just learn to accept that a giant gorilla with a pet cat (with an eye-patch) is driving the car.
Just roll with it.
Did I mention that I once dressed as the good Doctor for Halloween?

What luck, to find a gorilla in high school.

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