Friday, April 1, 2011

Dangerously Scene.

Or maybe it's called Scout Crossing. I'm still not very sure on the title; it's not perfectly advertised.
Either way, this is a webcomic I just came across the other day. Created by Scott Fergus, the mastermind behind Nerf This and other works, I like to think of it as an alternative-trendy take on the Scott Pilgrim mythos. (Have we decided it has it's own mythos yet? Is there a council to decide that?)

I have always been an admirer of Fergus' art style, and I believe he has discovered the perfect culture to integrate it with.
The story began off a little confusing for me, but soon enough I filled in all of my holes of misunderstanding. It begins with the classic "hiding of the hero" and the typical "call to action" you children learned about in high school English class. Except when Scout is called into action, he begins to punch polar bears and make explosions with his sweet sleeve tattoos.
Yes, magical flower-bomb-tattoos are the source of his power. Which, frankly, is awesome.
I have never been a fan of ink myself, but after only a hour of reading this story I was seriously reconsidering my views.
There are also cute girls, music jokes and a murder mystery.
Stop reading what I'm typing and go read it for yourself. Page one is right here. Dangerously Scene updates once a week; twice if we all are lucky.
Is it just me, or does a female character like this appear in all of his works?

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